Inspect Your Home Before Putting It on the Market

The home buying/selling market fluctuates. One thing that doesn’t typically fluctuate is a buyer requiring the home they’re about to purchase to be inspected by a third party. Depending on your contract, you may have a few weeks to a few days to receive an inspection and get any items corrected. If the inspector finds major items in your home, you are in a pickle! (Alprazolam)

How do you combat this? Hire us to do, what we call, a pre-listing inspection. We will come and inspect your home just as we would if the buyer was requesting it, but there are several differences:

  1. You will be able to fully disclose items we find during our inspection. This can create a sense of trust with your buyer. It’s much better than the alternative of disclosing nothing and an inspector finding things that the buyer may feel you should have disclosed.
  2. The items we find can be repaired by a contractor of your choice and done in your time frame. This could be a long time depending on what kinds of items we find. Don’t stress, though – you don’t have anyone breathing down your neck to get in to your home.
  3. You will be able to show the buyer an invoice for items that you had repaired. This removes so much negotiating power from the buyer and puts in back in your favor. Here is the timeline: you pay for the inspection, we find issues that need corrected, you hire a contractor to correct the items, you pay the contractor for the repairs, and then you present the completed list of items to the buyer. Have you ever bought a home and under-bid on the asking price? Now you can feel confident in standing your ground based on the fact that you have nothing to hide.
  4. You have to pay for the inspection, not the buyer. This may seem like a negative, but it’s not! This is value added to your asking price. Often, this can be recouped at closing.
  5. The buyer can hire us to do a re-inspection. Yes that’s right! It’s not a conflict of interest. All we are doing is going back to see if the items we originally found have been corrected. The buyer pays us a small fee to return (which is much less than they would have paid me to do the full inspection) and we provide them our findings. Another selling feature of your home!

Convinced yet? There really are no negatives. If you’re not, go to a more trusted source at HGTV and check out the 2nd recommended item to increase your home’s value!

Use this link to reach out and schedule an inspection. Thanks for reading! Be sure to like our Facebook page and leave a review if you have used our services! We value your feedback!

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