Tips for Clients

If you are a homebuyer or real estate professional that is new to the inspection field, you may be wondering what inspection is really all about.

Property inspection, like any other industry, is a field that contains its own processes and terminology, which can easily leave a novice confused. Look no further, because this webpage is a regularly-updated archive of property inspection knowledge for the Charlotte, NC area.

Below you will find a glossary of home inspection terms from the world’s leading association for inspectors as well as The Safe Home: Home inspection guide. Both assets will help you expand your property inspection knowledge and be better equipped for your property inspection appointment.

Seller Inspection Checklist

Do you know what home inspectors look for when inspecting a house for sale?

If you want to be prepared for your home inspector before they arrive, our Seller Inspection Checklist will be a valuable tool for you. This Seller Inspection Checklist is your go-to guide for prepping for your home inspection by Freedom Home Services, LLC.

Home Inspection Glossary

the InterNACHI Glossary

The Safe Home E-Book

The Safe Home E-Book is an easy-to-understand introduction to home safety regulations for both you and your family. It is a great introduction to the home defects that inspectors are trained to look for and safety protocol that can be enforced before a house is put under contract.