Does Your Roof REALLY Get Inspected

Does Your Roof REALLY Get Inspected

When you’re buying a house – new construction or existing – do you think about the roof?

With so many things to do before closing, it’s easy to let the roof of you new home slip your mind. But – maybe you have thought about it and you’re pretty sure the home inspection covers an examination of the roof. ( Right?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

You probably glanced over the roof when you toured your new house for the first time, and it’s likely it looked normal to you. With that in mind, no one blames you if you’re wondering why a roof inspection is necessary at all.

Why does your roof need to be inspected?

Common problems like the ones below fly under the radar and can lead to internal damage to your home and expensive repairs down the road.

  • Missing, damaged, or aged shingles open your home to potential water damage and all its implications like mold growth and structural harm.
  • Plants and moss grow roots that often lift the shingles, leaving your roof vulnerable to moisture and mildew.
  • A weathered or sagging roof means age has deteriorated the materials and support systems, a safety hazard you should not ignore.
  • Storms damage a roof when high winds uproot the shingles, exposing the materials underneath to the elements.
  • Leaks and cracks provide a direct path for water to enter your home and damage its structure.

Now to answer the million dollar question. Does your roof REALLY get inspected?

The short answer is no.

Counties don’t require roof inspections. Builders don’t require roof inspections. ( Not even home inspector standards of practice require roof inspections beyond a quick look over from the ground.

What are you supposed to do then, to make sure the roof of your new home is in good repair?

We have great news for you!

Freedom Home Services DOES walk roofs if safe and inspect roofs with a drone if not.

To make sure you get a thorough and quality inspection, book with Freedom Home Services. We include more than the home inspector standards of practice require, for our clients’ safety and peace of mind.

The best part is, our realtors get a personal online portal. There they can schedule, view and download the inspection report and photos, make a repair list, and request a re-inspection once the repairs are completed – all in one place!

Although we do not hold regular hours on the weekends, we can accommodate most weekend requests!

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