Protect Your Investment – Clean Your Roof!

Home maintenance can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to things that are often out of sight and out of mind.

As long as nothing is leaking or damaged, it’s easy to forget proper roof maintenance. A neglected roof can not only bring your curb appeal down, it can also lead to costly repairs!  

The last thing any homeowner wants is to deal with expensive and potentially catastrophic structural damage.  Your roof is your first line of defense against just about everything that could possibly fall out of the sky – from waste and dirt to microbial growth – all of which can not only cause unsightly stains but can also lead to expensive and stressful issues down the road.

Rain can wash away some of the more obvious stains, leaving you with the false impression your roof is clean and free of problematic organisms like algae, moss, and lichen.  These can appear as dark, blotchy stains but are not always visible from the ground.  Their presence can dramatically decrease the lifespan of your roof.  Left unchecked, these microbes can cause degradation so severe it’ll lead to an early roof replacement along with damage to your gutters and fascia.

Carolina Power Washing - before and after!
Before and after – a newly cleaned roof!

It may be tempting to turn the full force of a pressure washer loose on tree sap, mildew and algae, but brute force isn’t the answer.

Shingles and roofing are designed to handle tough weather and harsh elements, but they’re just no match for full-bore jets of water blasting away at their surface. Pressure washing simply does more harm than good, potentially damaging shingles and fascia while presenting a fairly serious safety hazard for the average homeowner.

Soft washing your roof relies on expertise and knowledge rather than sheer force.

Soft washing removes unsightly debris gently and effectively using low-pressure, high-volume water streams and carefully selected cleansing agents. As a result, microbial activity is stopped at the source, eliminating the twin eyesores of streaks and blotches.

In addition, potentially destructive debris is removed carefully, boosting your curb appeal dramatically while protecting your roof. There are also health and safety concerns to take into account when approaching a task like roof cleaning. (Ultram) Unless you’re an expert in ladder safety, falling risks alone are considerable. Lugging heavy equipment up to great heights increases that risk, but injury isn’t the only concern. 

Carolina Power Washing - before and after 2
See the difference – before and after a soft washing!

Experts in soft washing know exactly which solutions to use on each type of stain and source of discoloration, attacking visible dirt at the roots to remove it gently but completely. Done properly, your roof will all but sparkle without running the risk of damage due to the cleaning process.

Our team at Carolina Power Washing are just those experts.

In addition to a wealth of exterior cleaning experience and knowledge, our firefighter-owned company understands the importance of ladder safety. Relying on knowledge and experience fighting stains, debris and discoloration, we utilize a soft washing method far more safe and effective than pressure washing.

If your roof has seen better days, a good cleaning can do wonders for your curb appeal while putting off the inevitable roof replacement for as long as possible. We can help you check this often-forgotten but important task off your home maintenance to-do list.

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