Our Mission

Freedom Home Services provides a deep and multifaceted inspection experience for our clients and realtor partners resulting in more freedom in their real estate decisions.

Our Vision

Freedom Home Services is a faith-based, veteran-owned company that will continually strive to be a company of honor. In serving our employees by providing them an opportunity for more life, our company will be known as the “go-to” for top real estate agents, the service provider of choice for our clients, and a champion of philanthropy in the communities in which we serve.

Our Values

  • We will have Integrity in all we do.
  • Be Available for your family so that you can serve the client when necessary.
  • Be a Go-Getter and fail forward.
  • Have some Fun along the way and bring others with you.
  • What we do, say, and portray is Professional.
  • The work we do is Transcendent, so go beyond yourself.
  • Be Teachable.
  • Be Vulnerable and open to growth.

Our Culture

  • Lives full of love and honor are worth living.
  • We work to live; we do not live to work.
  • We are servants and act as the advocate for the people we serve.
  • We control what we can control: our actions and our attitude.
  • We practice gratitude and thankfulness daily.
  • We build up each other and ourselves.
  • We do not make excuses.
  • Think like owners and be the company you want to work for.

About Freedom Home Services

Freedom Home Services is a Home inspection business based in Rock Hill, SC. After Matthew Query’s experience in the construction field, he realized that Superintendents and Code Enforcement Inspectors were overwhelmed and unable to inspect properly. (Not because they were bad people, but because they were overworked and inspecting an average of 30-40 properties/day).

Freedom Home Services works to remedy that problem by giving you honest and thorough inspection services. We are buyer and seller advocates, making sure that you are well informed before making one of your biggest and important purchases.

The Freedom Home Services team.
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