Our Mission

Service without exception for the benefit of others.

Our Vision

An empowered team consisting of members pursuing “more life” who elevate our company as the leading inspection services provider and a champion of philanthropy in our communities.

Our Values

  • We will have Integrity in all we do.
  • Family is more important than our job.
  • What we do, say, and portray is Professional.
  • We are Go-Getters.
  • We make it Fun.
  • When we fail, Fail Forward.
  • We are Coachable.

Our Culture

  • We think like owners; be the company we want to work for.
  • We love first, honor next.
  • We work to live; we do not live to work.
  • We serve people, we serve each other.
  • We control what we can control: our actions and our attitude.
  • We practice gratitude and thankfulness daily.
  • We build up each other and ourselves.

About Freedom Home Services

Freedom Home Services is a Home inspection business based in Rock Hill, SC. After Matthew Query’s experience in the construction field, he realized that Superintendents and Code Enforcement Inspectors were overwhelmed and unable to inspect properly. (Not because they were bad people, but because they were overworked and inspecting an average of 30-40 properties/day).

Freedom Home Services works to remedy that problem by giving you honest and thorough inspection services. We are buyer and seller advocates, making sure that you are well informed before making one of your biggest and important purchases.

The Freedom Home Services team.
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