Freedom Home Services is proudly licensed to inspect in both North and South Carolina.


Pre-Closing Inspections

This is your standard home inspection. We will come in prior to the home closing and do a very detailed and thorough inspection of parts and components of your home according to local and state laws and standards of practice.

Pre-Listing Inspections

Want to sell your home quickly? Call me to do a home inspection so you can fix items that may become an issue with your buyer. Put the leverage back in your lap!

Quality Inspection

Are you a builder that wants to improve your finish quality? Need a guy with a trained eye that is thorough? Look no further! Let me help improve your quality and survey scores!

Pre-Drywall Inspections

We will come in your home during framing, right before insulation is installed and sheetrock to inspect the bones and rough mechanicals of your home. This is probably the most important inspection if you're building a new home!

Well Inspections

I will take a water sample of the water at your home (typically only applicable with a well) and provide you "full spectrum" results to meet FHA and HUD standards for NC or SC.

CL 100 Termite Inspection

Home Inspectors are discouraged from providing estimates for items requiring repair in your home. In partnership with Crawlspace Medic, we will provide a CL100. In additional Crawlspace Medic will provide a repair letter and quote for any damage found.

Septic Inspection

A proper septic inspection should include the tank being pumped to be able to inspect the inside of the tank itself. This is included with our inspection and the reason this inspection is so pricey.

New Home Walkthrough

Call me and I will come out after you close and give you a "new home walk through." I will explain the components in your home and go through maintenance tips & tricks. Great for first time home buyers or buyers that are interested in maintaining their investment.

*NEW!* Drone Inspections

Advanced drone services change the way we do home inspections! Get a one-of-a-kind aerial view of your home or property to distinguish any roofing, chimney, gutter, and other issues or damage from above. We make sure no spot is left unchecked! For more information about our drone services, check out our partner site

Radon Inspection

If you are purchasing a basement or crawlspace home or a home where dirt has been excavated, you should do a radon test. This is a charcoal test and AirChek results can take 2-3 days to return.

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